Ayn W Ghayn is an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the prosperity and advancement of journalism in the Arab world.

Founded by Ghina Amyouni,a passionate experienced journalist and media professional;the organization is committed to recognize the unique challenges and opportunities facing journalism in the arab world,and is dedicated to providing resources,training,and advocacy to help journalists succeed in a constantly evolving industry


The spread of misinformation and fake news is a significant challenge for journalism in the Arab world. Ayn W Ghayn can leverage AI powered tools to monitor social media and news platforms for fake news, identify patterns of disinformation, and combat it with accurate and factual reporting. AI can also be used to analyze large amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, generating insights that can inform reporting and editorial decisions. Ayn W Ghayn uses state of the art technologies to analyze data related to issues such as press freedom, censorship, and media ownership in the Arab world, providing valuable insights to journalists, policymakers, and the public.

What’s Unique about Ayn W Ghayn?

Our mission is to foster a vibrant and autonomous media ecosystem in the Arab world, where journalists have the freedom and support to cover vital topics and cultivate informed, connected communities. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, such as media outlets, journalism schools, civil society organizations, and like-minded partners who share our vision and values.

Our approach is underpinned by a strong ethical framework that encompasses deep knowledge, influential networks, and unwavering integrity. We prioritize confidentiality, transparency, and accountability in all our engagements, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us to deliver high-quality services that meet their needs.

As strategic thinkers, we leverage our expertise and experience to provide cutting-edge training, certifications, and innovative solutions that empower our stakeholders to excel in their respective fields. We also offer consulting services that enable our clients to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities for growth and impact.


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